MULTILINE™ - the most versatile laser system in the world

MULTILINE™ is a unique laser system with an integrated universal power and control system featuring external, compact laser emitters. User's options for MULTILINE range from one to seven emitters per system:

  • Vascular laser Nd:YAP/KTP/Q-Switched
  • RUBY laser
  • Alex laser
  • Contact scalpel Nd:YAP (1.08 µm)
  • Contact scalpel Nd:YAP (1.34 µm)
  • Contact scalpel Nd:YAP (1.44 µm)
  • Laser epilator Nd:YAP/Q-Switched
  • Erbium laser Er:YAG/SMA module

Replacing one laser emitter with another alters the profile of the device, taking it to another level and transforming it into a different tool. The original design allows the equipment to maintain stable outcome parameters and offers required durability, resisting external mechanical wear. To simplify its use, Multiline settings are pre­-programmable, resulting in excellent clinical results.

Multiline™ advantages

  • Ability of using up to seven independent high-energy laser emitters.
  • Ability to vary the physical parameters of laser radiation (wavelength, pulse energy, generation mode, pulse repetition rate) in a wide range.
  • Ability to vary the degree of thermal and mechanical influence on biological objects.
  • Using not only classical methods of generation (free generation, Q-sw), but also the mode of generating an adjustable train of Q-sw pulses.
  • Using the original patented methods of treatment for various diseases
  • User-friendly interface

Capabilities in aesthetic medicine

  • hair removal regardless of the patient's skin phototype, without any sun exposure restrictions;
  • treatment of vascular diseases such as angiodysplasia, haemangioma (including progressive types in infants during the first year of life), telangiectasia in different locations without thermal damage and breach of the skin;
  • treatment of epidermal and dermal hyperpigmentation independent of the patient's skin phototype;
  • removal of tattoo dye of various colours;
  • treatment of normotrophic, atrophic and hypertrophic scars; 
  • non-fractional microablative rejuvenation without microfibrosis;
  • non-contact and contact removal of different tumors.

Capabilities in surgery, lithotripsy, phlebology

  • necrectomy using the contact method, as well as ablation with debridement;
  • stimulation of soft tissue regeneration using the “Tissue Repair” patented technology;
  • effective treatment of long term non-healing wounds and trophic ulcers of various etiologies;
  • fragmentation of gallstones;
  • destruction of embedded gallstones by "drilling";
  • percutaneous laser coagulation of C0-C1 varicose veins without injury to the skin;
  • endovasal laser coagulation of C2-C3 varicose veins with adjustable degree of thermal damage to the surrounding tissue;
  • endoscopic laser recanalisation of strictures, stenoses, tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, laser vaporisation in Barrett's esophagus, and the elimination of tracheoesophageal fistulae.

Interface properties

For user’s convenience, all treatment methods are nested in the memory of a built-in computer, which gives the doctor an ability to choose only the diagnosis. After that, the device chooses all optimal parameters of laser radiation. In case of user mistake (using unsuitable laser head or nozzle), the device will indicate it and not permit continuation of work until the mistake is taken care of.

Technical specifications

Active medium Nd:YAP/KTP/Q-Switched
laser for vessels
Ruby laser
Alexandrite laser
Nd:YAP 3-wavelength
long pulse
laser scalpel
laser epilator
Erbium laser
SMA module
Wavelength 1079/540 nm 694 nm 755 nm 1079/1340/1440 nm 1079 nm 2936 nm 2936 nm
Fluence 0,1-250 J/cm2 3-100 J/cm2 3-100 J/cm2   up to 350 J/cm2 0,5 - 250 J/cm2  
Pulse energy up to 7 J/0.03-2 J 0,1-2 J 0,1-2 J   up to 7 J 0,1-2 J 0,1-2 J
Repetition rate 5 Hz 5 Hz 6 Hz 100 Hz 5 Hz 10 Hz 10 Hz
Pulse duration 5 ns-5 ms 40 ns-2 ms 40 ns-2 ms 0,2-1 ms 5 ns-5 ms 0,1-0,3ms 0,1-0,3 ms
Emitting power       up to 70/40/15 W      
Spot size 3; 4; 8 mm 3; 6 mm 3; 6 mm 500 µm 4; 8 mm 3; 5 mm 5 mm
Microspot size             50 µm
Microbeam density             up to 10 000/cm2