New invention in non-surgical facelift. Clinical trial results

New invention in non-surgical facelift. Clinical trial results

New non-invasive alternative for face lifting & wrinkle treatment has been proven effective and safe.

A recently conducted study revealed a promising new treatment for both clinicians and patients seeking noninvasive solutions for fighting age-related signs.

The study involved 100 women aged 29 to 70 years old. All of them received one RecoSMA® treatment. The results were assessed a week, a month and six months post treatment by an investigator using ultrasound evaluation. All 100 women experienced improvements in skin structure, a decrease in wrinkle depth and a lifting of soft tissues immediately after the treatment. In the forehead area the decrease in wrinkle depth was 25% after a week, 41% after a month and 53% after six months post treatment. At the 30-day follow up ultrasound examinations revealed an increase in skin thickness and density.

The RecoSMA® method showed very positive results for facial skin rejuvenation without downtime or adverse side effects. The procedure is well tolerated and does not require anesthesia. It is indicated for any part of the body, including areas of thin and mobile skin such as the eye or lip contours. There are no restrictions in terms of sun exposure – after several days you can safely expose skin to the sun or use tanning booths. There is no risk of scarring or changing the natural pigmentation of the skin.

This technology is based on the microablation of the upper layer of the epidermis and subsequent formation of explosive acoustic waves. Such waves traumatise the skin cells up to 6 mm in depth triggering the rapid process of biological tissue regeneration, but without copying the damaged cells. This creates new healthy and fully functional tissues without age-related signs. The effect of the RecoSMA® procedure is cumulative and skin rejuvenation continues for several months after treatment due to collagen maturation.

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