Time Back Trigger: LINLINE Presents Latest Scientific Report at ISDS 2016 in Amsterdam

Time Back Trigger: LINLINE Presents Latest Scientific Report at ISDS 2016 in Amsterdam

Dr Natalia Volkova - “A Novel Laser Technology RecoSMA®: Facial Rejuvenation with Lifting of Soft Tissues in one Procedure”

Amongst the many & varied topics discussed at this year’s event were aesthetics, dermatologic surgery, lasers, and IPL treatments. Dr Natalia Volkova presented her scientific report - “A Novel Laser Technology RecoSMA®: Facial Rejuvenation with Lifting of Soft Tissues in one Procedure” – at this, the 37th ISDS - International Society for Dermatologic Surgery- Annual Meeting.

Experts and manufacturers from around the globe discussed some of the latest and most innovative advances in surgery and medicine. Dr Volkova talked about her experiences using LINLINE’s breakthrough RecoSMA® technology in the Free Communications session. The International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS) was established in 1978 and was set up due to the demand for a global platform for dermatologists who offer surgical treatment to their patients. The ISDS brings together dermatologic surgeons so that they may exchange techniques and encourage improvement in training programs in dermatologic surgery. The ISDS continues to encourage continuing education and research in the field of dermatologic and cosmetic surgery and related fields through this Annual Scientific Congress.

Natalia Volkova M.D PhD is a Dermatovenerologist. She has authored a number of published articles, has been proactively involved in many clinical research projects and has recently completed studies into stretch mark treatment and facial skin rejuvenation using Erbium-YAG laser technologies. She has been a practicing specialist since 2008 and currently holds positions as an Assistant Professor at the Aesthetic Medicine Department of the Ural State Medicine University, Dermatovenerologist at the Municipal Clinical Hospital Dermatology and Venerology Department and Dermatologist, Aesthetic and Laser clinician at LINLINE chain of clinics.

Method: Until recently, the ptosis of face tissues caused by SMAS elasticity reduction could not be treated with existing laser methods due to their insufficient depth of impact – up to 1.5 mm. However, a new innovative laser method - RecoSMA® - produces an effect at the depth of up to 6 mm that makes possible significant changes at the SMAS level. It is a method using Er:YAG (2936 nm) laser equipped with the unique SMA (Spatially Modulated Ablation) module. The RecoSMA® concept is mechanical celldestruction in the dermis and SMAS by acoustic waves and is a non-thermal and non-fractional method. Obtained in the research were 85 outpatients who underwent one RecoSMA® treatment. The ultrasound skin examination was done before, on 30th & 90th days post-treatment.

Results: Recovery time was 4-6 days; no complications were observed. The skin changes were presented with a decrease in wrinkle depth and significant lifting of facial soft tissues.

Conclusion: All the visual improvements were confirmed with results of an ultrasound skin examination which detected the significant changes in the dermis and SMAS. The study made significant conclusions about the high efficiency of the new laser technology RecoSMA®.

Dr Volkova commented in her presentation "We have presented RecoSMA as a new laser acoustic interference technology that is both a non-thermic and non-fractional method. Therefore, this is a painless procedure with a short recovery period. Protective mechanisms such as fibrosis tissue growth are not triggered and there is absolutely no scarring risk. Finally, we have a new capability for complex facial rejuvenation including soft tissues lifting".

LINLINE thanked the Board of Directors of the ISDS for their hospitality at this year’s event.


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